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Reading journal notion template

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This is your sign to get a Digital reading journal/ book shelf.
This is a reading journal notion template that is designed to help you keep track of all the books you want to read, books you’re currently reading and books you want to read in the future. It has a very minimal aesthetic layout that will make you want to open it every single day.

Here Is everything that comes with the reading journal notion template:

* An advanced “currently reading” tab to keep track of all the books you’re reading at the moment. It also comes with an automated progress bar to show you how far you’ve gone through a book.

* a place where you can track all your books!

* a page to track all your favorite authors

* monthly book wrap ups

* A fun reading challenge

* Anticipated releases

* Favorite quotes

* and so much more

If you don’t know notion, I’m OBSSESSED with Notion. It’s a free digital workspace that you can use to plan your entire life and create functional pages. If you’re looking for more fun aesthetic notion templates, check out the “notion template” section of my shop. It’s free on all devices both android and iOS .

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Reading journal notion template

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